Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Parents, Meet Edmodo (Part 2)

As I prepare for the upcoming "Curriculum Night" at my school, I created this printable page to hand out to parents. I will write their child's name and their parent code on top and hand them out at Curriculum Night. This will help me know who has come in that night as well. I will also share with them their child's Class Dojo information, but that is another story!

To read "Parent, Meet Edmodo" (Part 1) visit this link.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Parents, Meet Edmodo!

Are you preparing for an upcoming parent's night? I am! This year, almost all homework assignments will be completed on Edmodo! I am greatly decreasing the amount of paper use AND students have already been communicating with me from home as they complete assignments. Edmodo is simply amazing an amazing resource for teachers and learners! What a perfect way to create an interactive online presence!!!

So, wondering how to introduce your students' parents to Edmodo when they come in for Open House or Curriculum Night? Well, why not check out these three videos! There may be one that "clicks" with you! If not, then you could always give parents a tour of your Edmodo group for their children's class! Have some content ready to show off and share with them your favorite aspects of Edmodo and how you think it will increase learning!

Good luck!!!

Now go forth and be a great Edmodian!  :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Edmodo 102: Joining a Group

Check out my latest Edmodo tutorial on how to join a group below. Also don't miss my previous blog post which includes more information about my Edmodo groups for teachers.

Hope to "see" you in an Edmodo groups soon!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Creating and Sharing Edmodo Folders with Groups

The video above is how to create and share an Edmodo folder with your Edmodo groups. You will also learn how to share your folders with the public. The video is from the older version of Edmodo, however, the steps are still the same. The layout just may look different.

The video below shows similar skills, but in the new Edmodo:

I hope that you will consider creating and sharing your folders within your student and your teacher groups!!!!

Is there anything that is not clear? Any questions?

Gratitude to Excellent Edmodians

I'd like to take a moment to thank last year's team of Edmodians who volunteered their precious time to help me manage the Spanish Teacher Share join requests. They have spent endless hours helping to create and implement a system to secure our teacher group and to promptly address teachers requests to join. Here's me and my 2012-2013 team:

Thank you! ¡Gracias! You are truly amazing! I could not have done it without you! 

I am currently looking for additional team members for the 2013-2014 school year. Please contact me via Edmodo or if you'd be interested in volunteering for this year! Thanks!

Edmodo Groups for Educators

Hola, Salut, Hi! Are you an Edmodian? Looking to grow your PLN? Check out my groups for educators!

Please click links (title of group) to join my Edmodo groups FOR TEACHERS ONLY!

Spanish Teacher Share: Spanish teachers unite! Come join over 1200 Spanish teachers from around the world! We have shared hundreds of folders and 1000s of resources!

AIM Language Learning: Join this group if you are interested in this revolutionary methodology for language learning. Bring your proficiency better than ever before! Click here for more information on AIM.

French/Spanish Exploratory: For teachers of “Exploratory” programs of French and Spanish

Multiliteracy Matters: For parents raising multilingual children

Language Camp Collaborative: Join this group if you are planning language camps in French and Spanish (or any language) to share ideas and resources!

French Teachers: This is a French Teacher group created by Amanda Boden

Calendario de Adviento: Join this group if you are interested in working on a collaborative project. We are translating and recreating a French resource into Spanish. This project is on-going and is volunteer (no pay). Here is the resource we are working on. It was created by my friend, +nathalie bonneau We need people who are good at working with audio, translating/recreating songs, music, able to record songs, dialogues (with dramatic expression) in Spanish.

Please email me at from your school email if you are not granted entry into one of my groups in a timely manner. Do the same for connection requests. Thank you!!!

Also please visit this amazing resource which lists most of the Edmodo Groups for teachers along with there join link. These are curated by Kristina Holzweiss.

Spanish Teacher Share


If you are a Spanish teacher on Edmodo, then hopefully you have heard of the most amazing group that exists on Edmodo for people like you. It's called Spanish Teacher Share! The group is an amazing place for teachers to share, learn, mentor and grow as educators. It is a wonderful place to grow your PLN. 

We currently have over 1,200 members in the Spanish Teacher Share group! There are over 150 teacher shared folders with thousands of free resources for all members to use!

I’d like to say a very special “GRACIAS” to all who have shared your links and resources with us all in this group!!! Edmodo Spanish Teacher Share ROCKS!!! If you are a Spanish teacher looking to grow your PLN, join Edmodo and connect with the most generous, hard-working group of Spanish educators I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Here is an example of how a folder would look to you once you are in the group:

Once your Edmodo profile is complete and your Edmodo account has the “verified teacher” badge, use this link to join: My team of co-teachers will review your Edmodo account and allow you to enter into our group once your account is verified. 

Please visit my Edmodo profile or this google doc to find more information about my Edmodo groups for teachers.