Monday, August 26, 2013

Edmodo Groups for Educators

Hola, Salut, Hi! Are you an Edmodian? Looking to grow your PLN? Check out my groups for educators!

Please click links (title of group) to join my Edmodo groups FOR TEACHERS ONLY!

Spanish Teacher Share: Spanish teachers unite! Come join over 1200 Spanish teachers from around the world! We have shared hundreds of folders and 1000s of resources!

AIM Language Learning: Join this group if you are interested in this revolutionary methodology for language learning. Bring your proficiency better than ever before! Click here for more information on AIM.

French/Spanish Exploratory: For teachers of “Exploratory” programs of French and Spanish

Multiliteracy Matters: For parents raising multilingual children

Language Camp Collaborative: Join this group if you are planning language camps in French and Spanish (or any language) to share ideas and resources!

French Teachers: This is a French Teacher group created by Amanda Boden

Calendario de Adviento: Join this group if you are interested in working on a collaborative project. We are translating and recreating a French resource into Spanish. This project is on-going and is volunteer (no pay). Here is the resource we are working on. It was created by my friend, +nathalie bonneau We need people who are good at working with audio, translating/recreating songs, music, able to record songs, dialogues (with dramatic expression) in Spanish.

Please email me at from your school email if you are not granted entry into one of my groups in a timely manner. Do the same for connection requests. Thank you!!!

Also please visit this amazing resource which lists most of the Edmodo Groups for teachers along with there join link. These are curated by Kristina Holzweiss.


  1. Hi,
    How do I find a Mandarin/Chinese teachers group?

    Thank you for help.

    Mandarin teacher
    Ruamrudee International School Thailand

  2. Try this link:
    Hope you find one! If you don't, post this same question in the World Language Community. Surely one of the over 60,000 members has created one! Good luck!!!